Why you need van racking

Van Racking

Why you need van racking

Whatever your business your van is a big investment. An important member of your team. But because it’s such an expensive piece of kit you need to make the most of it. And many businesses, contractors and tradesmen find it pays off to install van racking into their vehicles.

It makes complete sense. You’ll get much more value from your van by fitting it with internal racking and shelving. Here’s why:

A better organised van

Probably the most powerful reason to install van racking into all your vehicles. The ingenious shelving solutions which are available now make it so easy to organise your van. The van is an extension of your workplace. Keeping everything organised and tidy in easy to find storage units and shelving will make you and your team so much more productive.

Makes the most of available space

Whatever the size of van you use for business it’s never big enough. But you can make more of the space you have with van racking and shelving. A new vehicle is a blank canvas. Yes, you could leave it as is and just stack everything away. But you end up with piles of tools and equipment and not knowing where anything is. And you’ll find you quickly fit the space.

But a racking and shelving system built for your van will make the most of the space you have. And you’ll be able to fit so much more into the vehicle. And the best part of all? You won’t be rooting around trying to find that special tool or drill bit you need. You’ll know exactly where it is. All of which brings us on to…

A more efficient workspace

Well-designed van racking makes the most of every available square inch. This not only allows you to carry more tools and equipment it makes you more efficient and productive. Everything has a place and you’ll know exactly where anything is. And of course, you can include a workbench in the back of the van too. You’ll work smarter and faster and that can only be good for the bottom line.

More compact and reliable than DIY shelving

Back in the day many tradesmen would build their own van racking. They would create shelving from plywood. And it served a purpose. It wouldn’t last very long and would soon need replacing but the DIY approach was often the only option.

Now it’s so much different. Van racking units are available to suit any need. And they’re made from light but very strong steel. This makes the shelving and storage so much more robust and longer lasting than plywood. And with a full range of storage accessories you can have any configuration of van racking you need.

Another advantage modern van racking has over the DIY approach is the amount of storage you’re able to squeeze into any vehicle. You’ll be amazed at the space-saving solutions now available. No matter what your vehicle and whatever your trade new van racking units will provide an ideal storage solution for you.

Customised solutions

Every business, contractor and tradesperson use their van differently. You’ll carry different tools and equipment to the next company. This is why ‘off the shelf’ van racking doesn’t really exist. You need bespoke storage to suit your business and the way you work.

But that’s fine. Fitters like CVA offer custom van racking design. We will design and build racking and shelving to suit you. And your van. Whatever your particular requirements there is a van racking solution for you. To learn more, you can contact CVA on 01455 372 007.

Keeps your tools safe

Ever mislaid a tool only to find it buried in the back of the van? Damaged and unusable? We’ve all been there. It won’t happen if you have van racking installed in your vehicle. Get your van fitted out with custom storage and all your tools can be safely and securely stored away.

Save money

It might not be immediately obvious but installing van racking can save you money. As we’ve already discussed racking makes your vehicle more efficient. You’re able to pack more tools and equipment into the available space. This means fewer trips to sites. This in turn saves money on fuel. As well as saving time. And you’ll also be on site longer which should make the job quicker.

Another thing to consider is how van racking can increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. The materials used in van racking are so much lighter now than they used to be. This increases fuel efficiency and is of course another cost saving.

No need to wait

New van? No problem. There’s no need for any prep work. You can install racking immediately. Without affecting the vans value.

Professional image

Your van is a reflection of your business. Just as you know the value of eye-catching vehicle graphics your van racking will help you portray a professional image. Of course, customers won’t be climbing around in your van but when the doors are open anyone peeking inside will see a tidy and well laid out vehicle. This can only be good for the image of your business.

CVA provides a full van racking and shelving design and fitting service in Leicester. We can customise racking to suit any trade and any vehicle. We can supply and fit your van racking for you or deliver it flat packed for you to install yourself. For more information call CVA on 01455 372 007.

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