Secure Your Tools with CVA’s Van Vaults: The Ultimate Overnight Storage Solution

At CVA, we recognize the importance of securing your tools, especially when they need to be stored in your van overnight. That’s why we offer Van Vaults, a robust and reliable tool storage solution, designed and manufactured in Britain. Built from durable Zintec steel and featuring an integrated locking mechanism, our Van Vaults serve as a significant deterrent to tool theft.

The Ideal Tool Store

CVA’s Van Vaults are perfect for professionals who need to store smaller tools in their van overnight. Whether you’re a tradesperson who requires tools at different job sites or a mobile service provider who needs a secure place for your equipment, our Van Vaults provide a reliable storage solution. They are also an excellent option for any van owner who wants to keep their tools safe and organized while on the move.

Choice of Sizes

Understanding that different professionals have varying needs, we offer our Van Vaults in three sizes. This range allows you to choose the vault that best fits your tools and the available space in your van. Regardless of the size you select, each vault offers ample storage space for your tools, ensuring they are safe and easily accessible when needed.

Built from Strong and Durable Zintec Steel

The strength of our Van Vaults lies in their construction. They are built from Zintec steel, a material known for its strength and durability. This robust construction ensures that your tools are protected from both theft and the elements, providing you with peace of mind.

Designed and Made in Britain

At CVA, we take pride in offering products that are designed and made in Britain. Our Van Vaults are no exception. Their British design and manufacturing not only assure high quality and durability but also reflect our commitment to supporting local industries.

Integrated Locking Mechanism and Tool Theft Deterrent

Each of our Van Vaults features an integrated locking mechanism. This design provides an extra layer of security, making it more difficult for potential thieves to access your tools. By serving as a visible tool theft deterrent, our Van Vaults can help protect your investment and ensure your tools are there when you need them.


CVA’s Van Vaults are a practical, reliable, and secure solution for storing your tools in your van overnight. Made from strong and durable Zintec steel and featuring an integrated locking mechanism, they provide an effective deterrent to tool theft. Call us today at 01455 856 816 to find the right Van Vault for your needs and enhance the security of your mobile workspace.