Commercial vehicle lining kits

A van is a significant investment for any business. It makes sense for you to protect that investment. You can do that with a ply lining kit. Vehicle lining kits are an aftermarket solution which prevents damage to the van’s interior. It’s an essential upgrade for any commercial vehicle.

At CVA we have installed ply lining kits for hundreds of satisfied customers in Leicester and the midlands. As well as supplying and fitting vehicle lining kits we also provide LINE-X spray applied polyurea coatings.

Ply van lining kits and LINE-X provides complete protection against internal load damage, rust and corrosion. It offers the ultimate protection for your commercial vehicle.

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CVA director, Michael Brooks, said: “We provide a professional service to our customers in Leicester. Our fitters are experts in fitting ply lining kits into all makes and models of commercial vehicles. We fit your vehicle lining kits on site and also offer a full range of accessories.

“Lining the interior of your van is one of the best upgrades you can make to a commercial vehicle. It’s also very cost effective and a worthwhile investment. Ply lining kits protect your vehicle from damage and maintains the value of the van. It’s a sensible investment in your business. Ply lining kits are an upgrade which is not only practical but also makes sense financially.

“At CVA we will supply and fit vehicle lining kits for your van. No matter the make or model. And we work fast. Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet of vans. We’ll fit a high-quality lining and have your vehicle back on the road in next to no time.

“Needless to say, all our ply lining kits are made to the highest standards of quality. The same high quality our customers are always happy to receive from CVA.

“But don’t forget we also offer LINE-X applied coatings. LINE-X provides an airtight and extremely watertight seal. It prevents rust and corrosion. It’s perfect for commercial vehicles. Those which take a pounding from the elements for mile after mile. LINE-X coatings will extend the life of your vehicle.

“Combine a ply lining kit with LINE-X and you’ll provide your vehicle with maximum protection. To find out more talk to our vehicle linings team on (Leicester) 01455 865 856.”

Ply lining kits

CVA only use the best materials. We can supply and fit ply lining in any make or model of commercial vehicle. A typical kit includes sides, 6mm doors, a full 9mm floor and wheel arch covers. Aluminium door strips complete your ply lining kit. Finally, everything is silicone sealed.

Once fitted the ply lining provides protection for the interior of the vehicle. Any shifting loads or loose equipment can damage the van. But the ply lining will prevent dents and bumps to the bodywork of the vehicle. This saves on repairs and maintains the value of the van.

For information on our ply lining kits call our expert team on 01455 865 856.

LINE-X spray

As a complement to our vehicle linings service we also offer LINE-X spray applied polyurea coatings. LINE-X has many uses. But it provides the best possible protection against rust, corrosion and general wear and tear. This, of course, makes LINE-X absolutely perfect for commercial vehicles.

Every day the elements attacks your van. And in the UK the rain, wind and debris flying around can take a big toll on a vehicle. Especially one that is racking up the miles every week.

Commercial vehicles can rust easily and deteriorate quickly. Unless you spend a lot of time maintaining them. But that isn’t always practical. The van needs to be on the road generating income. You can’t afford for it to be stood idle waiting to be repaired.

But LINE-X takes all the hassle away. Once it’s applied the LINE-X polyurea coating is maintenance free. We spray it and you forget about it. There’s no need for costly or inconvenient maintenance.

How does LINE-X work?

We apply LINE-X with a spray. This provides a watertight and airtight seal. This is what makes it so effective against the British weather. Rust and corrosion won’t be a factor. Even in the harshest wintry conditions.

How to protect your van with LINE-X coatings

Bring your vehicle into our Leicester premises and we’ll apply LINE-X to the exposed areas at risk from corrosion. This could include the wheel arches, bumpers and the vehicles bed. Once applied LINE-X prevents rusting and leaks. It creates a permanent bond and also protects the surface from abrasive chemicals, wear and tear and provides impact resistance.

To learn more about LINE-X contact the CVA Leicester vehicle linings team on 01455 856 816.

Together LINE-X and ply vehicle linings provide the ultimate defence protection for your van. They’re an affordable and cost-effective solution and will extend the life cycle of your vehicle by many years while maintaining its value.

You can’t afford not to protect your vehicles. Begin the process now by calling the CVA Leicester vehicle linings team on 01455 856 816.


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