Secure Your Vehicle with CVA’s Alarms & Cameras: Your Best Defense Against Theft and Vandalism

In the East Midlands, statistics show that 33 vans are stolen each day. Regrettably, only 20% of these vehicles are recovered, most of which have suffered severe damage or vandalism. At CVA, we believe in the importance of robust security measures to protect your van. Our range of alarm systems, CCTV, trackers, and the latest IROAD dash cams are designed to provide the utmost protection for your vehicle.

Alarm Systems

A high-quality alarm system is a key component of any comprehensive van security plan. Our alarm systems are designed to deter thieves and alert you to any unauthorized access to your vehicle. With a CVA alarm system, you can rest easy knowing that your van is protected.

CCTV and Trackers

Our CCTV systems provide an extra layer of security, capturing footage of anyone who approaches or attempts to access your van. This can provide valuable evidence in the event of a theft or vandalism incident. Meanwhile, our trackers enable you to monitor your vehicle’s location in real time. If your van is stolen, a tracker can greatly increase the chances of recovery.

IROAD Dash Cams

The IROAD dash cam is one of the latest additions to our security product range. These advanced devices not only record footage of the road ahead but also provide instant notifications of your vehicle’s location. In the event of a theft, an IROAD dash cam can provide crucial information to help recover your vehicle and potentially identify the perpetrators.

The security of your van should never be left to chance. At CVA, we offer a range of high-quality security products, including alarms, CCTV, trackers, and IROAD dash cams, to help protect your vehicle against theft and vandalism. For more information about our security solutions, call us today at 01455 856 816. Secure your vehicle and your peace of mind with CVA’s robust security solutions.