Why you need a ply lining kit for your van

Why you need a ply lining kit for your van

When you buy a new van for your business you’ve made a significant investment. After all, vans aren’t cheap. So, it makes sense to protect your investment. Adding a ply lining kit is an excellent way to do this. A ply lining kit not only protects the interior of the van but, because it prevents damage from wear and tear, it also protects the value of the vehicle.

Whichever make or model of van you use there will be a ply lining kit for it. This means your supplier will be quickly able to source the correct kit. A professional team of fitters will be able to fit the kit quickly so your van will be off the road for only a short time.

Benefits of a ply lining kit

There are a number of reasons why you should consider a ply lining kit for your new van:

  • Vehicle lining kits are affordable and cost effective.
  • Safeguards your investment in your van.
  • Can increase the vehicle’s resale value.
  • Prolongs the life cycle of the van.
  • Reduces the chances of damage to loads.
  • Protects against bumps and scrapes.
  • Reduces repair costs.
  • Projects a professional image.
  • Ply lining kits are available for most makes and models of van.
  • Quick turnaround.

Let’s look at those in a little more detail.

Safeguarding your investment

Whether you’ve purchased your van outright or are leasing the vehicle you need to maintain its value. If you own the van outright, you’ll want to maximise its resale value when it’s time to replace it. The bigger the sell on sum the less the balance you have to find for your new vehicle.

It’s a similar story if you have a van on contract hire or lease. If the vehicle sustains damage its value at the end of the term may drop because of penalty costs. If this happens the value of the van may not meet the cost of the final payment.

But if you’ve purchased the van or are leasing the vehicle a ply lining kit will help preserve its value. The lining will prevent damage and protect the bodywork from the inevitable bumps and scrapes every commercial vehicle is susceptible to.

Prolongs the van’s life cycle

When you carry a load or are transporting tools and equipment on a daily basis it’s inevitable a van’s bodywork will take a beating. A ply lining kit protects the van from daily wear and tear. It isn’t just bumps and scrapes the lining protects against. Scratches happen every day when unloading a van and these can easily attract rust. A ply lining kit prevents this.

Reduces repair costs

We’ve already mentioned the daily battering any commercial vehicle can take. All those scratches, dinks and dents need to be repaired. And it’s an ongoing struggle. With the cost of constant repairs mounting up. Not to mention the van been off road. But a ply lining kit saves you the time and expensive of repairing your van.

Professional image

Whichever business you’re in you need to project a professional image. The days of a contractor driving around in a battered and dirty Transit van are long gone. Customers expect professionalism. That includes the standard of work, manner of the workforce and image. And image includes the van you and your employees drive around in.

To keep that professional image, you’ll wrap your van in eye-catching vehicle graphics. But you also need to make sure the bodywork is immaculate. And a ply lining kit will ensure this.

Increase the vehicle’s resale value

We all know buying a van is a big investment. And you want as much of that cash outlay back when it’s time to sale the vehicle. But a van with dents and scratches isn’t going to attract buyers. At least not at the price you’ll want to receive. But a ply lining kit will help keep the van in the best possible condition. Regardless of the number of bumps and bangs it receives every day.

Quick turnaround

There are vehicle lining kits available for just about every make and model of van out there. This means your supplier will be able to quickly source the appropriate kit for your vehicle. Fitting a ply lining kit is a fairly quick process and an expert team of fitters should be able to complete the job with the minimum of fuss. This means your vehicles downtime is minimal and you’ll soon be back on the road.

What’s in a typical ply lining kit?

Although the dimensions of the ply panels vary according to the vehicle the components in a kit are fairly uniform. These include:

  • Side panels.
  • Door panels – usually 6mm.
  • Floor panel – always thicker than the side and door panels. Usually 9mm.
  • Wheel arch covers – again 9mm.
  • Aluminium door strips.

Fitting a ply lining kit

You know fitting a vehicle lining kit makes sense. Now you need to decide who’ll install it for you. Of course, you could go down the DIY route but professional fitters will be able to do the job faster. CVA are Leicester’s premium suppliers and fitters of vehicle lining kits.

CVA are able to supply the ply lining kits for all makes and models of commercial van. A ply lining kit certainly isn’t the most expensive investment you’ll make. But it’s one of the best. To learn more call CVA on 0845 4545454.

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