ULTI+ Roof Racks by CVA: Advanced, Robust and Stylish Solutions for Your Van

Efficient use of space is paramount in maximising your van’s utility, and having the right roof rack can make all the difference. At CVA, we are proud to introduce the ULTI+ roof racks – the newest and most advanced roof racks on the market. Established in 2022, the ULTI+ roof rack combines strength, durability, and a sleek stylish finish, offering a superior solution for your van’s storage needs.

Features of ULTI+ Roof Racks

What sets the ULTI+ roof racks apart are their robust features designed to make your job easier. All ULTI+ roof racks are crash tested, ensuring their resilience and your safety in case of an accident. They come equipped with side channels for easy loading and unloading, a T-slot system for versatile attachment options, and a rear ladder roller for hassle-free ladder transport.

These advanced features make the ULTI+ roof racks not just a storage solution, but a tool that enhances the functionality of your van. They deliver every feature needed to get the job done, ensuring that you can focus on your work without worrying about storage and transport issues.

Versatility and Compatibility

ULTI+ roof racks are ideal for handling larger, heavier loads, providing ample storage space without compromising your van’s stability or safety. They are available for twin and tailgate commercial vehicles, making them a versatile option for a wide range of vans.

Moreover, we offer ULTI+ roof racks for both short wheelbase and long wheelbase vehicles, ensuring that you can find a perfect fit for your specific van model. This compatibility extends the range of vans that can benefit from the advanced features and robust construction of the ULTI+ roof racks.

At CVA, we’re committed to providing high-quality, reliable solutions that enhance the utility and security of your van. Our ULTI+ roof racks represent the pinnacle of roof rack design, offering a robust, stylish, and versatile storage solution for your vehicle. For more information about our ULTI+ roof racks and other offerings, call us today at 01455 856 816. Upgrade your van’s storage capabilities with the advanced, reliable ULTI+ roof racks by CVA.