Fortify Your Van with CVA’s Anti-Peel Kits: Your Defense Against ‘Peel’ Attacks

In the world of van security, the ‘peel’ attack is a common and damaging method that thieves use to gain access to your vehicle. This attack involves peeling back the door, bypassing the lock entirely. At CVA, our Anti-Peel Kits to counter this threat, providing an extra layer of security for your van and its valuable contents.

Understanding Anti-Peel Kits

CVA’s Anti-Peel Kits are designed to reduce the risk of a peel attack. They provide a robust barrier that makes it significantly harder for thieves to bend or peel back the door. Crafted from durable materials and precisely engineered to fit your van, these kits provide reliable protection against one of the most common methods of forced entry.

Complementing Other Security Measures

While Anti-Peel Kits offer substantial protection on their own, they are most effective when used in combination with other security measures. One such measure is the use of hook locks. With the physical barrier provided by the Anti-Peel Kit and the added security of hook locks, the chances of thieves gaining access to your van become extremely slim. This dual-protection approach significantly enhances the security of your vehicle, providing invaluable peace of mind.

Protecting Your Vehicle and Tools

The main purpose of our Anti-Peel Kits is to protect your vehicle and the tools or equipment it carries. By making it more difficult for thieves to gain access to your van, these kits help to safeguard your investment in your vehicle and its contents. Whether you’re a tradesperson with valuable tools, a delivery driver carrying stock, or simply use your van for personal needs, our Anti-Peel Kits offer an effective way to enhance your vehicle’s security.


At CVA, we’re committed to providing robust, reliable security solutions for your van. Our Anti-Peel Kits are an essential part of a comprehensive security setup, helping to deter thieves and protect your vehicle and its contents from unwanted intruders. Call us today at 01455 856 816 to learn more about our Anti-Peel Kits and other security options, and give your van the protection it deserves.