Why you need a van alarm system and anti-theft locks

Why you need a van alarm system and anti-theft locks

Tips to prevent thefts from your van in Leicester

The spate of van thefts in Leicester and throughout the midlands has reached epidemic proportions. In the UK as a whole there are over 20,000 thefts from vans every year. And Leicester suffers as badly as anywhere.

Those statistics look horrendous when you read them. But of course, numbers don’t tell the whole story. Thefts from vans can wreck livelihoods and cost contractors thousands of pounds to replace stolen tools. Not to mention increases in insurance premiums and the money lost from not been able to work.

It makes sense then for all contractors and companies to ensure their vehicles are as safe as possible.

In most aspects of life prevention is better than cure. That’s certainly true about thefts from vans. Stopping the thieves is easier and less expensive than trying to deal with the aftermath.

Security tips f0r preventing thefts from vans in Leicester

The good news is you can prevent many thefts. A vehicle equipped with high-quality locks and the best van alarm system will deter most thieves. But there are also other measures you can take to reduce the risk of theft.

Install the best van security locks. A ‘skilled’ thief can break into a vehicle in less than two minutes. Extra locks will reduce the chances of them succeeding. Adding heavy-duty locks to the doors will provide extra protection. You should also consider fitting deadlocks. These simple locks can be very effective as they don’t work on the same system as the normal door locks. Talking of which.

Slam locks are another line of defence. They’re ideal as they automatically lock the vans doors when closed. These locks are especially useful for delivery drivers who constantly park and leave their vehicle. Contact CVA for advice and a quote on fitting the most effective locks for vans.

Empty the van at night. Which is easy for me to say. Sometimes it just isn’t practical. Especially when working away. But removing anything of value from a van parked overnight is a sensible precaution.

Have extra van alarms fitted. Your vehicle will already have a factory alarm. But consider upgrading with an aftermarket van alarm system. Every layer of protection helps and CVA can advise you which the best alarms for your vehicle are. Having the best van alarm system will not only protect your tools and equipment. It can prevent a thief driving away with the van itself. All the more reason to upgrade your vans alarm. Call CVA on 01455 372 007 for more advice on alarms and a no obligation quote.

Park in a well-lit area. If you have a compound this is easy enough to arrange. But if you’re a contractor and park your van at home keep it in a locked and secure garage. If there’s no garage and you need to park the van in the open ensure there is at least a motion triggered floodlight.

Don’t let your guide down.

Thieves don’t only strike at night. Keep the van locked. Even during the day when on site. Always close all windows. And, no matter how remote the location, never leave the keys in the ignition.

Fit a tracker

Sometimes despite the best precautions’ thieves can succeed. Or it may be as simple as you forgetting to lock the doors or set the alarm.

Fitting a GPS tracker can help recover a stolen vehicle. If the vehicle is taken a tracker won’t prevent the theft of tools. But at least it gives you have a chance of recovering an expensive van. Talk to CVA about the most suitable tracking system for your vehicle.


The chances of recovering stolen tools is slim to non-existent. The police are unlikely to be much help. They are under resourced and are unlikely to investigate the theft. They will probably only go so far as providing you with a crime number. Then it comes down to insurance.

You do need to make sure you have a robust insurance policy. Your policy must cover all your risk. The most important thing is to ensure the policy covers the contents of the van including all tools and equipment. If you transport goods make sure the policy covers you for loss.

Of course, one of the problems about insurance is the cost. And if you’re unlucky enough to have to claim on your policy it’s inevitable your premiums will increase next year.

Don’t feed the fire

Finally, thieves wouldn’t target vans if there wasn’t a market for the tools they steal. Don’t provide them with a marketplace. Never buy second hand tools unless they are from a reputable dealer. Be especially weary of auction sites.

CVA fit the best value and most secure locks and van alarm systems in Leicester. For an unbeatable quote call us on 01455 372 007.

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